From 2012 to 2024, I was the primary graphic designer for Moocho, a rewards and deals app that later became Pepper.

I handled all their design and branding needs including emails, mobile app, social media, presentations, flyers, POP material, merchandise, documents, and more.

Digital Graphics
Booths & POP
A few of the over 1,000 emails I created for Moocho that highlighted weekly specials, holiday events, individual merchant deals, new merchant announcements, and more.
Other digital graphics I created included banner ads and social media images.
4 images for a social media campaign.
4 images for a social media campaign.
Social media graphics sized for different platforms.
Banner ads in many different sizes and ratios.
I developed many graphics for the app, highlighting deals, events, and merchants.
Flyers I created for Moocho were distributed at university campuses, sports games, booths, and events.
Booth designs, POP material, and marketing collateral I designed for Moocho.
Booth tablecloth with customized T-shirts, beverage cups, display flyers, and handout flyers.
Booth tablecloth with standup banner and display flyers.
POP standup banner
Booth canopy, tablecloth, and display flyers.
Booth tablecloth, display flyers, and standup banner with custom logo.
Some of the fun merchandise I designed for Moocho.
Rally towel given out at sports games
Coasters for bars

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